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Article on benefits of email marketing for small businesses

Why Email Marketing Is Important For Small Business

What is the future of email marketing 

We have all heard talks saying that e-mail is almost dead and some hold opinions that e-mails are always at the top of the rank. Have you ever thought about what is right? Well in this article let’s dive into what is the future of e-mail marketing. 

Is e-mail marketing dead? If you are planning to start a business or already running one does it worth investing money in email marketing and giving importance to that!

Let me have the privilege to make the big reveal. Yes, it is. Email marketing works! Even in this era, there is a large scope for e-mail marketing.

8 Important facts about email marketing

Everyone Makes Use Of Emails 

Of course today we have many other options like Facebook and Instagram ads which you may think is a great way to promote the business. There is no doubt about that. Facebook and Instagram ads do make an active promotion of your business. But the thrust I want to put forward is that still, the scope of email marketing never faded. 

According to a 2018 study from The Radacti Group, there are a massive 3.8 billion email users worldwide. How about these giant statistics!

Email Marketing Combined With Other Sources Of Marketing Works Awesome

Building the email list is a powerful weapon for every online creator who wants to promote their creations online and earn out from it. 

You can combine Facebook campaigns and e-mail marketing. Relationship building with is always been the focus of every creator to keep up the momentum of the business. The active use of lead magnets to collect the e-mail lists followed by a Facebook sales ad will work perfectly. 

Email Marketing Is Fast

The time and effort of email marketing are very less compared to other forms of promotions. In fact, majority of the beginners start with e-mail marketing before their expansion to any other forms of marketing. It is that easiness relative to other forms. Yeah of course the email lists have to be built for effective performance. 

So if you are taking the first step on your business then it is a good option to start e-mail marketing before you choose other online forms of promotions. If you can successfully build a good email list you can continue to try to impress them

Emails Have More Deliverability

Compared to Facebook email has more deliverability. For example, you have an established and active Facebook page and you have made a recent post of yours. But the post will not reach every facebook fan of yours at the same pace. 

But on the other side compared to Facebook, we can make sure that the emails reach all the individuals for whom the mail is intended to. The deliverability rate of emails is over 85%. 

The time is ticking and it will be. So I expect this percentage to go high as everything excels and updates in this world with time. 

Availability Of Many Tools

The market is presenting many tools for email automation. It means that once you have built an attractive e-mail list with potential customers in it there are many tools on the market to support the process of email marketing. Most of the tolls do provide a great facility for automation. 

It means that you don’t have to type and send e-mails manually to every person. Rather the entire process will be taken care of by the automation tools. If you are a beginner and do not have many emails on your list you can start using the free versions of tools like Mailchimp. You can choose to upgrade further as your list extends. 

The Cost Of Email Marketing Is Still Affordable

There are many ways to promote your business. But amongst them, email marketing is one of the affordable options. All you need to invest is in an e-mail automation tool. Also, you can access it without any cost if you have a small list of emails to manage. More and more there are many resources and courses to help you say how you make use of emails as a successful course of marketing. 

More Conversion Rates

E-mails are not outdated, buddy! It has a great conversion rate than any other option. According to experts, the Return on Investment of emails is just awesome. Though there are different opinions on the average ROI of email marketing in different businesses, one fact is assured that each of them is a lot more than your investment. 

It is true that we all hate spammy mails with cracked deals and trapped offers. But you will be surprised to know that people are making purchases from attractive legit emails which have awesome copywriting in them. 

You might need a little bit of training to know how to make a catchy and attractive copywriting for your emails to make people buy from your business. But trust me, even that is not a big deal. Once you start observing the tactics of your competitors and also analyze what kinda approach will go well for your business, BINGO! You will be an expert in the field. 

So in nutshell, I can assure you that the scope of e-mail marketing is still there in this world. If I tell you guys, I recommend starting with e-mail marketing before you spread your wings in your niche. Why! Because it is simple yet more attractive and affordable at a beginner level. 

I hope these insights are helpful. 

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