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The Best Domain and Hosting Services Quick Facts

Domain and Hosting

The domain is the name of your website. It is one of the most important elements in developing a website. The name of the domain is fixed after the evaluation of many factors according to your idea and purpose of developing the website. Fixing a good domain name is a crucial factor. You may purchase the domain from many providers. According to your preference and the availability of the names you may choose like .com, .live and there are a few more to choose from.

Hosting on the other side is the platform for developing the website. If you are well versed with coding and if you are a professional web developer then there are many alternatives available for you. But if you are not proficient in coding or you don’t know professional web development, we recommend purchasing WordPress with the help of which you may easily complete your website without losing the professional attire of the site.

Let’s see the best domain and hosting providers to be purchased.


Hostinger has been considered the most affordable hosting plan. If you do not have a huge budget to spend on the purchase of domain and hosting, Hostinger is the recommended option. The pricing of plans starts from $1.99 to $4.99.

The Premium Shared Hosting plan of Hostinger is very popular. With the price of just $2.59 per month, the plan accompanies almost everything that is required for the development of an excellent site.

Though the pricing may seem very cheap, the plans have never compromised on the excellence. You will never feel the reduction in price on the performance. In Hostinger you will have Hpanel which is the Cpanel. If you like to purchase the hosting renewable in one year, two years, or 3 years you can also claim an absolutely free domain!

·         Most affordable Hosting plans

·         Free SSL certificate&Free domain name

·         30 days money-back guarantee

·         24/7 Support

·         99.9% Uptime guarantee

·         Free weekly backups

Blue Host

Blue Host has been considered normally as the web host for people who are brand new to launching the site. Blue Host is the provider which is recommended by WordPress. The pricing of the plans starts at $8.99 per month.

The installation of WordPress is simple. As the cherry on top, it also offers great analytics and SEO tools which makes it easier for you to see how your website is performing for the specific keywords.

Though the hosting is considered beginner-friendly, you can simultaneously grow with the same provider. You will get managed WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting. If you are stuck with any phase of the development or growth of the site, the 24/7 support of Blue host is there to assist their customers.

·         The best hosting for Beginners

·         WordPress Recommended Hosting

·         Pricing Starts at $8.99/ month

·         Free Domain and SSL Certificate

·         24/7 Blue Host Support

· 30-day money-back guarantee


When it comes to DreamHost the next term that comes is its month-to-month pricing with performance excellence. The month-to-month deal starts at just $1.99/ month. But you must also don’t ignore the fact that the rate is promotional pricing and it will go high once the deal gets over.

If you are doubtful about the long-term commitment, then the month-to-month pricing plan is a fantastic choice for you.

Another good feature of DreamHost is that it offers you a completely customizable control panel. In this way, you can enjoy a more controlling hand over your site. Its good performance makes the plans another recommended Hosting by WordPress.

·         Recommended by WordPress

·         Month-to-Month pricing is just $1.99

·         Free SSL Certificate

·         Unlimited Traffic

·         Free Site migration

·         Custom Control Panel


Are you looking for creating a simple site with minimal complexities? Then we recommend Hostgator as the best option for you. Sometimes you do not look for advanced features because you simply don’t need them. And Hostgator understands it well.

But don’t mistake the provider like it does not have any advanced option! In addition to Linux, it does offer Windows hosting and many options to grow. It includes cloud hosting, VPS hosting, managed WordPress, and a dedicated server.

Hostgator provides support to the customer through all of their plans purchased by them. So, you will get affordable plans with support.

·         Best choice for simple needs

·         Pricing at $8.95

·         Month-to-month at $10.95

·         Free Domain &Free SSL Certificate

·         Support through all the plans

·         45 Days moneyback guarantee


It is the green hosting you can purchase! It means what? The company has made use of renewable energy to power its hosting services. So, it has evolved as eco-friendly web hosting.

Apart from the fantastic quality of the company it provides web hosting services with high speed and excellent uptime. Greengeeks is always up to date with the latest technology updates and provides daily backups to ensure more security.

With the plans, you will also get 24/7 support from green geeks. The attractive plans include WordPress Hosting, WooCommerce Hosting, Reseller web hosting, VPS, and Shared Hosting.

· Ecofriendly hosting

·         Pricing $9.95/month

·         Free Domain name

·         Unlimited web space

·         Free Wildcard SSL

·         24/7 Support


When it comes to SiteGround, speed and security are what come to mind. SiteGround uses Google Cloud to keep up the swift and stable connections. The latency is ensured at a minimal level with their SSD and data storage.

The commendable feature of the hosting is that SiteGround offers 30% faster site speed than standard PHP. And also reduce time to the first byte by half memory usage by 15%. So, you don’t have the problem of visitors jumping out of your site due to the lag in loading.

As the hosting isolates account on their servers, the customers are completely out of tension about one account having an impact on others. The commendable speed along with advanced security options like constant scans are the plus.

·         Commendable speed and security

·         Pricing at $3.99/month

·         Recommended by WordPress

·         Free SSL Certificate and backups

·         Free Email and CDN

·  30 Day money-back guarantee

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a combination of speed and low prices. With their Turbo Boost and Turbo Max plans the customers can enjoy access to their Turbo Servers with boost the speed up to 20x. You will get 2x faster to the first byte and management of 9x more traffic.

Apart from that the uptime for the plans is 99.9% which is great.

Are you a person who has lost the performance of your website due to any Xyz reasons? Do you want the site to be migrated to a good platform without causing much trouble? Then we recommend A2 Hosting. In this hosting, the site migration is absolutely free and the team takes care of the process!

·         Fast and reliable shared hosting

·         Pricing is normally $8.99/month

·         Free domain and SSL Certificate

·         Free site migration

·         More speed and security

·         30 Days money-back guarantee

InMotion Hosting

If you are looking out for a good Virtual Private Server, then InMotion Hosting is the best option. With the VPS hosting, you can have more of your hand over the server.

Don’t worry if you are not well versed in the command line. In that case, you may select the managed VPS plan where there will be a proficient team to take care of the technical sides for you. Or else, if you are a developer, the good news is that InMotionVPS includes optional root access with each plan.

And you don’t need to upgrade to make any changes to the server.

InMotion Hosting is a fantastic option for eCommerce sites. As the plan will handle the sudden thick and thin traffic the shoppers of the site will have no difficulty accessing the website.

·         Best VPS Hosting

·         90 days free trial period

·         Pricing is normally $7.99/month

·         Free and unlimited email

·         Free Domain and SSL Certificate

·         Well handles the traffic spikes

WP Engine

The prominent feature of WP Engine is that the hosting is incredibly optimized for WordPress websites. Though the pricing options in WP Engine are expensive you can purchase the plan if you are willing to pay more to get the advantage of more.

Your website will be ultrafast with almost no downtime. The reason is that lots of the work and maintenance have been done and taken care of by the team.

If you plan to build an online store with WordPress, you will get access to premium WordPress eCommerce themes and many other tools. If you need any kind of support at any of the phases of your site development and growth, the professionals are always there to advise and support you 24/7.

·         Best Managed WordPress Hosting

·         Pricing is normally $30/month

·         Month-to-month pricing

·         Free Domain name

·         Free SSL Certificate

·         30 Days money-back guarantee


Nexcess makes a list of the best web hosts like WordPress, Magento, WooCommerce, Big Commerce, Drupal, Sylius, ExpressionEngine, Craft CMS, and Orocrm.

Nexcess has been considered one of the best hosting providers for customers looking for establishing an online store. The Nexcess Cloud Accelerator increases the speed of the website by adding a layer on the cloud stack.

If you are at your start-up phase or you want to grow the online store, Nexcess can be considered in your list. If you are doubtful about any of the phases of development or growth of the site, don’t worry. There are dedicated teams to support you 24/7.

·         Best Hosting for scaling

·         Managed Web Hosting for 9 CMS

·         24/7 Support

·         Great choice for online stores

·         Wodpress pricing plans normally at $15.84/ month

·         Provides great site speed

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