Search Engine Optimization


Everyone says that you need “backlinks” to get on the first page of Google!


Go and check 10 competitive keywords on Google.
I’ll bet you in most cases videos are what you’ll see on the first page.
And guess what those videos DON’T HAVE…
They have 0 backlinks and still rank on the first page!

Because​ ​Google’s kid brother don’t need no backlinks!
Google​ ​lets​ ​its​ ​baby​ ​brother​ ​skip​ ​the​ ​line.
And​ ​give​ ​youtube​ ​videos​ ​the​ ​hall​ ​pass​ ​to​ ​Instant​ ​indexing​ ​and​ ​higher​ ​rankings!

As long as you have PERFECT on-page SEO for your videos, you have an UNFAIR advantage over everyone else.

If​ ​you​ ​tried​ ​to​ ​rank​ ​videos​ ​in​ ​the​ ​past…​ ​and​ ​failed…

I​ ​get​ ​it…​ ​doing​ ​this​ ​manually​ ​is​ ​kinda​ ​tedious,​ ​hard​ ​and​​ you ​have​ ​to​ ​be​ ​an SEO​ ​jedi!
But​ ​Don’t​ ​worry!

Three top marketers that I know, ​in​ ​the​ ​past​ ​6​ ​years​ have been on​ ​a​ ​mission​ ​to​ ​reverse​ ​engineer​ ​the​ ​YouTube​ ​and​ ​Google​ ​ranking​ ​system.

Guess what?


They did it!

Check out what they’ve created here


There’s some huge news in the search engine marketing world and I’m ecstatic to announce it to you!

SEOPressor will be launching it’s latest version of their plugin, the SEOPressor Connect!

After helping thousands of websites rank on Google’s first page and enjoying years of success, SEOPressor has now created an even more powerful plugin that promises to solve all your SEO problems.

To those who are new to the name SEOPressor, they are a WordPress SEO plugin that have been around since 2010. Throughout the years, SEOPressor has been constantly upgraded and improved to work best with the latest search engine algorithms.

Many famous bloggers and content marketers have endorsed and given great reviews of SEOPressor on their own blogs.

SEOPressor Connect, the 6th and latest release from SEOPressor, has been improved so much that it almost felt like a new plugin.

The team of people working behind SEOPressor took their time with this latest release, and oh boy, it’s definitely worth the wait. SEOPressor Connect comes with a whole new list of features that wasn’t available in the older versions. Just to give you a hint of what SEOPressor Connect could do:

    • Provides instant feedback and suggestions to improve your content. Warns and prevent you from over optimizing your content.


    • Alerts you on precisely on what’s hurting your website so you can fix them instantly.


    • Control how the Internet understands your website. Improve search relevancy without having to mess with a single line of code.


    • Complete governance over how search engine crawlers navigate your website. Steer them the way you like for better indexation control.


    • Build and manage your perfect internal link structure effortlessly.


If you’re an online marketer, you would know that these features are all going to be very useful to you. And that’s because SEOPressor has spent thousands of hours researching and studying the needs of a modern online marketer. And the result, they’ve successfully designed a plugin that caters to all the needs of a marketer.

This plugin will make SEO so easy that even a beginner can do SEO simply and correctly.

You’ll have to try this plugin yourself to truly understand how great it is. Since there’s a 60-days money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose. Just get yourself a copy of SEOPressor Connect, try it out for a few weeks. If you like it, great. If you don’t like it, just a for a refund and we’ll refund you without any questions asked.



Surfer is the Content Intelligence tool that merges content strategy, creation, and optimization into one smooth process – to help content teams grow brands, organic traffic, and revenue.

Surfer’s mission is to support everyone in delivering the best, most relevant content and raise the quality of the web. They believe marketing results and user satisfaction go hand in hand, and you should never sacrifice one for the other.

Thousands of content, SEO, and marketing specialists use Surfer to accelerate their digital marketing. You can monitor, manage, and improve your processes, too. 

Surfer applies NLP solutions, machine learning, analysis of over 500 web signals. With their smart algorithms, you will quickly find the best content opportunities, create a content strategy for months ahead, and write compelling pages based on data-driven guidelines. With all the research done for you, you’ll free hours of your time.

Their original metric, Content Score, will grade your content’s quality on a numerical scale and let you know how much work you have left to make it optimized. Content Planner will help you take topical control of your entire domain, plan content clusters, and keep an eye on the content creation progress. You can share your Audits, Content Editors, or Content Planners with your team, clients, or copywriters. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

With Surfer’s help, you can consistently deliver high-quality content in half the time you used to. 

Money Robot

Money robot claims to be the world’s most powerful link-building software. It supports unlimited website platforms. You can submit your backlinks or content to the platforms like web 2.0 blogs, social network posts, social bookmarking, web directories, wiki articles, press release, article directories, web 2.0 profiles, forum profiles, and RSS

Money Robot is an automated SEO toll of Softtechsrl. It is one of the easy-to-use and effective tools spreading in the SEO market that helps the users to rank their content on the first page of Google and drive more traffic.

  • The link building templates are available
  • Easy to use interface
  • Affordable price option 
  • They provide step by step instructional videos
  • Automated account creation and automated submission

The link submission process will be much easy and will be completely automated with Money Robot Submitter. To build leads and a high number of customers, you will be able to build a lot of links and increase traffic. 

It has an awesome user interface that even a beginner can see and learn how the platform works to make your SEO link-building campaigns. 

They provide;

SEO/Link Building

Highspeed Submission

Smart Submission Process

Artificial intelligence

No need to search and scrape for website lists 

Pro Rank Tracker

Are you a content maker creating and publishing content online? Then one of the key factors on your bucket will be to track and ensure the performance of your content.

And that is exactly what the Pro Rank Tracker does.

It ensures that your articles, videos, and other materials are ranked well by search engines. 

The major role of the tool is to help you track your SEO performance. 

Let us have a quick glimpse at what the tool offers the customers. 

Once you have successfully signed up, then you can add an unlimited number of URLs through your dashboard. You can keep track of the performance of your keywords on the search engines on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. 

The tool allows you to track your best and the worst performing keywords using the tool Biggest Jumps and Biggest Drops.  

On its Rank Discovery part, the users can track the keyword strategy of the competitors through its Competitor Analysis. 

More and more Pro Rank Tracker is not just a tracker tool, instead, it also provides Keyword suggestions. As everyone knows SEO would be incomplete for content without knowing the proper keyword on it.

It has robust reporting features that allow learning from Overview reports, Notifications, Historical progress reports, Benchmark reports, and Ranking comparison reports. 

Thus if you like to enjoy the following pluses of this tool to support your online content to rank on the search engines you can try it. 

  • Keyword suggestions
  • Rank Discovery
  • Rank Tracking 
  • Robust reporting
  • Cloud-based tracking
  • Competitor analysis
  • Coverage of wide search engines
  • Videos Tracking
  • Tracking Mobile Rank


Founded in 2016, Sitechecker has more than 250k plus website users per month, 100k plus websites checked per month, and 7 million-plus errors found per month. 

Sitechecker is a platform where you can track and improve your search visibility. Experts say that Sitechecker can be a great support for website owners, product managers, marketers, SEO specialists, and marketing agencies. 

If you are working on more than one or two websites, checking the data of each of them on a daily basis can be more than a 9 to 5 job for you!

With Sitechecker you can get the important statistic of all websites on your dashboard. 

The tool is extremely user-friendly with intuitive control. It will provide you instant notifications about any changes on the site.

The simple chrome extension provides you with SEO metrics monitoring. For professional marketers, the White label reports will be more suitable. 

The free features are also quite awesome. They have tools like website traffic checker, website safety checker, website down checker, and website rank checker to name some of them they offer without your need to swipe your card!

Sitechecker .pro offers you the amazing features like audit management, link management, mobile keywords, integration of google analytics, keyword rank tracking, and competitor analysis

Sitecheker provides you with the following important support to excel in your SEO;

  • Site Audit
  • Site monitoring
  • Tracking Backlinks 
  • SEO Extension 
  • Tracking Ranks 
  • White Label SEO Reports
  • SEO Software