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Tips on how to sell online courses before creation

How To Sell Your Online Course Before You Create It

If you are an expert at something then you must make others also. The benefits are two. You will become more expert while making others and raising their skill sets. The other one is that you can earn from selling your courses to the people who actually need them. 

But it is not that easy to convince people to buy your courses and follow them. And if you ask me like if you need to create 10s of your courses before they are being presented in the market I would say, Hmmm….wait. 

Before that, there is a term called presales. Are you aware of it and confirmed it before you create your courses? If the answer is no then let me tell you that it is the way where you can be sure of the customers before you create courses for them. 

How! Let us see. 

Be Sure About The Value Of Your Course

People do not want to pay and buy a course that offers cliche normal pieces of stuff that they can fetch from a simple google search. I mean through the courses you are ultimately selling them a transformational value that is exclusively only there in your courses. What is such an element? You must figure that out first. 

Is the course about building a fit body in 3 months or creating a successful e-commerce store in 90 days? What is the transformational value? Once you have an idea about this particular factor then you can be sure about which classes of people you must target. 

What About Building Individual Contact With People

It should not be like you have built a huge funnel of people from somewhere and you create and promote in general for all of them as a team. As far as learning is concerned people will feel more faithful if they can come up and discuss their concerns and how they can improve them. 

You are the expert in the field and you are the one who offers them that following the course people can see the results. So you must always be available for their concerns and questions. This will eventually be a great source of the brand image of your offer. 

For example, you can be available in an active Facebook group pr an Instagram account. Bring all the customers into the group. In this way, they can also share what they are seeing in the process of progressing through the course. Not only this you can also get insights about what improvements are required to be made in your course. 

Create Live Content Than Prebuild

The content of the course must serve the needs of the customers. I don’t think a pre-build course can meet that need. If you are building the chapters or phases of your content one after another after analyzing the concerns and progress of the customers from each progress then ultimately you will be offering them great value for the customers. The phases or chapters of the course should move in such a way that each new one is more updated covering the previous questions of people and offering them more advanced knowledge than before. 

So, in short, creating the complete course and selling them all together is not a good idea unless your niche is that simple. I recommend making the initial one offer them collect thee inputs from the customers on how the chapter went good for them and accordingly make another. 

Present Who You Are

Would you buy a farming course which is being on the market presented by people who have no experience in it? No! The same is with all the customers. Customers will ask two questions before they actually purchase the course. 

Number one is Why should I purchase a course?

Well…For this particular question, they will find answers based on how badly they want the particular result or their desired result. If their needs are high then they will surely dive into the market for support. Otherwise will turn back and leave. 

Another question is why should they purchase from you?

This is an important question impacting you. Because you have competitors. So, why should the customers leave your competitors behind and purchase from you? What is there unique only in your course. This question you must answer well.

Express before the customers who you are, what your expertise is, and what is the result you have achieved this far following what is been prepared for the customers through the course. 


I always say that potential customers trust the words of existing customers more than your catchy offers. Testimonials are a powerful way to market your product. An important fact to be noted is that do not give false or fake testimonials. Initially, it may boost your sales. But the moment people experience contract to the convincing testimonials the entire image and brand will fall back tremendously. 

Never try to fool the customers. Even if it is a simple and single testimonial present it genuinely without exaggerating anything. If you are brand new and don’t have people trying your content then don’t worry. Stick to your value and promote it. You give your results as a testimonial. 

More Focus On Value Than Money

While you create your campaigns make sure you do not compel the customers but try to impress them with the values you offer. Try to build a good relationship with the customers understanding and addressing their issues before you place your offer before them. It means it should not be like you have a huge sales funnel and you go and try to present the sales offer. Stick to the values and explain what knowledge you have there with you to present them. It can be through social media or blog posts. 

The sales offers must be followed after that only. People will surely come and buy as they now know that you value the concerns of the customers well.

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