Funnels & Landing Pages

Build And Grow Your Funnels!


Getresponse is a Polish-based company. Today it has reached which already extended to over 183 countries all over the world. The company claims to engage more than 1 billion subscribers every month. 

They provide services so that you can;

Get the business online
Grow audience
Engage with customers
Boost online sales

They do offer many features like professional custom landing pages, email marketing services advanced level automation features, and reporting facilities. 

For conversions landing page also play a vital role. The unique and professional features will do more than halfway for you. When it comes to the automation part, there are many advanced and yet easing options like campaigns based on conditions and triggers. 

All of the features and extremely user-friendly and you don’t need to be a pro or a tech to get used to these tools. 

What you can get out of GetResponse?

  • You can capture effective leads

The flexible forms, the integration of google analytics, awesome automation options, and professional landing page editor allow you to capture and grow your leads. The conversion funnel will help you to perform more in an organized manner.

  • More sales 

Good news for you if you are an entrepreneur running your online business. GetResponse offers features that support integration with eCommerce platforms like Shopify and Magneto. With the use of a conversion funnel, you can build your eCommerce site

  • More sophisticated automation features

The workflow builder on GetResponse will help you to create automation for several actions like email sending, contact tagging, and data updates available on their higher-tier plans.


What you get is 

  • Professional conversion funnel and landing page feature
  • More automation on your range of actions 
  • Spam Testing
  • Feature of Google ads and social media
  • Live chat


Wishpond is a marketing-focused online business solutions provider. The company claims to be the leading provider of digital marketing solutions. The services of wishpond cover near to everything that needs to support people who want to build innovations online. The services include promotion, lead generation, sales, and conversions. 

The company serves over 3700 customers majorly from small to medium businesses in diverse industries.

The tool tracks every lead so well that you will be able to see where your users are coming from and where to spend your budget.

The facility to segment the customers and the awesome landing page builder are a plus.

The tool is quite stable with the integration with other platforms like Shopify.

It has an awesome easy-to-use interface so that you do not have to spend more time learning the interface!

And in case you are stuck with something or need assistance, their customer service will help you out within a short period of time. 

  • Create A/B split test mobile-friendly landing pages just in minutes
  • Popups that are easily customizable and easy to build and manage overlays, sidebar forms and more
  • Connect with more list of followers through Instagram promotions, Hashtag contests, photo contests, run sweepstakes, and more
  • Based on real-time activity convert leads into sales fully automatic with a powerful marketing automation feature.
  • Customize emails based on each lead
  • Creation of effective lists of leads based on the campaign